Saturday Sanskrit Classes for Adults: Student Voices (3)
Posted on: 27/3/2018

David Stollar, former teacher at St James Senior Boys’ School and member of Sanskrit @ St James, has been offering Saturday-morning Sanskrit classes tailored to adult students. We are here featuring the feedback from some of David’s students. Should these pique your interest, read all about David’s new beginners’ class here.

My Tryst with the Sanskrit Language by Swati Yadav

I stumbled upon Sanskrit looking for an answer to the age old human question – ‘How can we discriminate between what is right and wrong?’. Working in the fast-paced, power-grabbing, pressurised environment of the UK civil service, I quickly realised that, as a leader, the highest skill one needs is that of ‘judgement’ – one’s ability to discriminate very quickly, in extremely trying situations, between right and wrong. Life experience has taught me that this difference gets extremely subtle and harder to make as you climb higher and grow older.

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