Saturday Sanskrit Classes for Adults: Student Voices (2)
Posted on: 27/3/2018

David Stollar, former teacher at St James Senior Boys’ School and member of Sanskrit @ St James, has been offering Saturday-morning Sanskrit classes tailored to adult students. We are here featuring the feedback from some of David’s students. Should these pique your interest, read all about David’s new beginners’ class here.

A Personal Response to the Study of Sanskrit

On hearing Sanskrit for the first time, a distant memory stirred within me of a world filled with purity and light, and my heart was filled with a longing to reach the source. It was many years later that I had the good fortune of meeting my tutor.

While the course leads to an academic qualification, it is delivered as a scriptural study, enriching the modules with depth of meaning.  A challenging and complex language, and at times intimidating, the study requires focus, dedication and perseverance.

With the patience and guidance of the tutor, the course progresses at a steady pace, enabling the group to collectively wrestle and grasp the grammar.  Progress is enhanced by keeping the lamp of learning alight throughout the week by constantly interacting with the language on a daily basis.

While I have only scratched the surface of this fascinating language, my advice to students of Sanskrit would be: ‘Have patience Oh mind, the destination of the dawn is not far off!’



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