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New Sanskrit classes in April 2018
Posted on: 15/8/2017

Weekly classes will start in West London Saturday 21st April  2018, at 9am.

This course is for beginners. 

The Venue  –  St James School, Earsby Street, London W14 8SH

The Charge  – There is no charge for this course; students are welcome to make a donation at the end of the term to help support our work, if they wish.

To reserve a place – please contact

This is a rare opportunity for students interested in learning Sanskrit.  Students must be willing to commit to a weekly assignment of homework.

The course begins with learning the Devanāgarī script, followed by the basic grammar, which is taught using our own text books.

Classes are supported by a full series of videos. Participants will work towards eventually taking the Cambridge IGCSE examination, which in its final stages incorporates the study of the Bhagavad Gītā in the original language of Sanskrit.

Also included in the course is an exploration of the various genres of Sanskrit literature with particular reference to the cultural and philosophical background of the Rāmāyana and Mahābhārata epics.