Giving thanks & recommendations…
Posted on: 1/7/2021

Ten years ago this month, I searched the Internet for ‘learning Sanskrit’.


I found ISER as a result, and wrote to the email address given on the website.


A very prompt reply came from a Helen Harper. She suggested I contact Rev Dr Stephen Thompson, which I did. This led to a Sanskrit class being started  by Dr Thompson,  in Cambridge, my nearest city.


Thanks to Dr Thompson, Helen Harper, St James School, Martin Bloomfield and the vast amount of extremely helpful books and resources provided on the ISER website, I was able to complete my IGCSE and ‘A’ level examinations in Sanskrit in 2019, at the age of 79.


I am extremely grateful to all those involved in helping me. The ability I now have to read and understand Shlokas, Stotras and prose written in Sanskrit is a great source of happiness. This has made a huge difference to my life.


Dr Thompson still conducts his classes, now virtually. Those interested should write to  or

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