Interviews with Gabriella, well-known YouTube performer of Sanskrit – part 2 of 3
Posted on: 25/8/2021

The questions from Ayushi Khetani, and the answers from Gabriella, continue:

Q . I think there are a lot of people who are really interested in studying Sanskrit but they don’t have a proper idea of what Sanskrit is. How would you describe Sanskrit to a novice?

To a novice, I would describe it as;

Do you want to learn a language that is as old as civilization itself? Are you wanting to connect with the history of human civilization? Do you want to understand what’s at the heart of a really great civilization where people speak the truth, where they practise harmlessness, where they live in accordance with natural law? Do you want to understand and incorporate it not just intellectually but as part of your being? If ‘yes’, that’s why you would study the Sanskrit language. Slowly, it will begin to change the way you think, the way you speak, the way you look at things and it holds many answers to many questions.

Q . Sometimes Sanskrit can be quite difficult especially with the grammar which can become overwhelming. So for a beginner what kind of advice would you give when they are starting Sanskrit?

My advice for a complete beginner is to first ask themselves, ‘Is this something you really want to do?’. If this is so there is absolutely no doubt in your mind. Once that decision has been made, then have complete trust in it and don’t worry if it takes a lifetime. Even if you’ve only learned the alphabet, that’s plenty but don’t give up. Find a teacher who you really connect with and there are lots out there. Find one who resonates with you where you understand the way they teach. Decide to devote some time and take it from there step by step. Don’t rush and only move on until you’ve understood each step.

I am sure this goes for any language. Then you also have to choose to give up other things like time on social media, the computer, watching TV. You’ll find your mind and brain can begin to concentrate but it’s not to say modern distractions are perfectly invalid. Just cut down on noise like radio news, and TV, and instead put that time into something you love, like Sanskrit.  If you remove the distractions and mental chatter, maybe through a meditation practice or some time in nature every day, it will help your mind have the mental space for it.

There is so much beauty within Sanskrit, just as you just highlighted. There is so much science in it and within the busy 21st century, taking a step back to gain perspective is really important. For some, Sanskrit is something supportive to fall back on.

Q . If people want to find more about your work, where and how can they find you?

So if they want to find out more, they can go to the website and there is also the YouTube channel

Editor: Follow this link to find a lesser-known aspect of Gabriella’s work – working with ‘Sanskrit@StJames‘ singing paradigms for learning and teaching Sanskrit: Sanskrit Grammar

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