Sanskrit Text Books

Since 1975 fifteen different Sanskrit text books covering the Junior & Senior School curricula have been written and used successfully in the classroom by teachers at the St James schools. There is now a set of 7 Junior School text books published by Motilal and 3 new text books based on the Mahabharata for the Senior School curriculum.  All books are available online from a variety of sources.

Two of the primary funding projects for Sanskrit @ StJames at present are the development of teaching videos (free) and 2 additional books covering the material needed to prepare students for the IGCSE exam.  These are now available free through the ISER website.

Click here for a video overview of the series of books.

Details of available books are as follows:

Sanskrit is Fun Part 1  ISBN (Paperback):  812083545X, 9788120835450

Sanskrit is Fun Part 2  ISBN (Paperback):  8120835468, 9788120835467

Sanskrit is Fun Part 3  ISBN (Paperback):  8120835476, 9788120835474


The Stories of Krishna (Parts I – II Bound Together)  ISBN(Hardbound):  8120835980, 9788120835986

The Stories of Krishna, Part 1  ISBN (Paperback):  8120835484, 9788120835481

The Stories of Krishna, Part 2  ISBN (Paperback):  8120835492, 9788120835498


The Story of Rama Part  1  ISBN (Paperback):  81208355069788120835504

The Story of Rama Part 2  ISBN (Paperback):  81208355149788120835511



Stories from the Mahabharata (free DVD if 3 ordered together)

ISBN : 978-81-208-4014-0 (PB Part I)

ISBN : 978-81-208-4015-7 (PB Part II)

ISBN : 978-81-208-4016-4 (PB Part III)

ISBN : 978-81-208-4013-3 (Set HB)